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On this page, all Team Leaders will find crucial info in order to work as Team Leader!

Relay schedule - 4x400 m:

Relay schedule - 4x100 m:

​Road map and closing hours of roads in relation to the half maraton:
Click here: http://aarhushalf.dk/afspaerring-under-loebet/ 


Updates from Technical Meeting 26/7:

- Opening hours of accreditation is not as printed, but as stated on the web (extended hours in the morning): http://www.emacs2017.com/en-GB/Practical-Information/Accreditation 

- Tickets for athletes party may be claimed at info point.

- Appeals may be handed in directly in Viby. There will be forms available, and the competition responsible is in direct contact with TIC

- Info reg. "big groups" are given already - see statement below.


NB.: Important info regarding field events:
"Dear all,
After several discussions with some team leaders, participants and the LOC, I have made the following decision:
All competitions in the throwing events and the horizontal jumping events will be conducted as one competition without any qualifying competition. However, in competitions which have more than 22 confirmed athletes they will be conducted as follows:
The participants will be devided in two "flights" according to the results reported in their entry. The half with the lowest ranked results will be in the first "flight" and they will have their three trials. The half with the highest ranked results will be in the second "flight" and they will have their three trials immediately after first  "flight". The participants with the eight best valid performances - counting both "flights" - will have three additional trials. According to IAAF Rules 180.1-2 all practice trials have to be taken before the start of the competition.
/Martin Roald-Arbøl, EMA Technical Director"

There will be no seperation in the multi-events regardless of group size.

Technical Manual:
The Technical Manual is ready - click here to download.
​subject to change until Technical Meeting...

Technical Meeting:
​26/7 2017 starting at 17.00 (please report 15 min before) in the main meeting room "Sportens Hus - Dansesal"

  • All question should be send in written to LOC on office@emacs2017.com no later than 26/7 at 12.00.


Daily Team Leader meetings:
Every day at 9.30 in the main meeting room "Sportens Hus - Dansesal"

  • All questions should be given to TIC before closing te day prior to the daily meeting on a specific form.
  • All written questions will recieve a written answer as well. It will also be published on this web page.


Opening Ceremony:
​Will be at 27/7 in Tivoli Friheden few houndred meters from the main stadium.

Get all the info: http://www.emacs2017.com/en-GB/Practical-Information/Opening-Ceremony​

Booking of meeting rooms
Each team will have the opportunity to book a meeting room upon availability 1 hour per day without charge. Further bookings will be charged 50€ per hour. We have three different sizes.

In case you need refreshments, food etc. it must be booked the day before.

·         Coffee, tea, water etc.: 5€ per person

·         Snacks (fruit, cake etc.): 3€ per person

·         Sandwich: 5€ per person