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Volunteer, and be a part of EMACS 2017 - send an e-mail to: frivillig@emacs2017.com or fill out our registration form - click here

EMACS 2017 is impossible without invaluable help from volunteers.

We need several volunteers during the competition. Among others, we need help with:

  • Athletics referees
  • Athletics officials
  • Starters
  • Call room assistants
  • Secretariat-staffer 
  • Provisioning food to officials
  • Transport and logistics
  • Accommodation
  • And several other important duties....

Read more in our leaflet containing information of the options in becoming a volunteer –  follow this link to read the folder.NB. the information in this folder is only preliminary. An updated folder with additional information will be published at a later time.

Additionally, we especially need volunteers with good language skills (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish etc.)

Find out more about the many tasks during EMACS 2017 by contacting the secretariat: office@emacs2017.com


Some important things to keep in mind however:

We cannot guarantee financial contributions to travels for international officials and volunteers. In other words, you will have to pay for your journey to and accommodation in Denmark next summer. We will however welcome you in the best way possible and help make your stay in Denmark a most memorable one. Besides this, you will enjoy all the perks that follow with being a volunteer during EMACS 2017. For example, we offer complete meals during your working time, plus some nice Officials outfit.