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Are you ready for the European Masters Athletics Championships 2017? If you are as excited about it as we are, you can already to register now! Please read the information below before you register. 

All registration must be done online through Fidals Servizis website.

Click here to go to Fidals Servizis website.

See our Entry Booklet - click here.


After completing the registration, but before paying, you will be given log in information to your profile. Your username is ZZxxxxxx (remember to write the Zs in capital letters) and your password is your registered birthday in the format ddmmyyyy. Remember this information, in case you need to access your profile again - or if you havent finished your registration.


Athletes from non-European countries,  please click here, and read the information before registering.


Closing date for entries

The latest day of registration is: 23/06/2017
​- no late registration will be permitted!


Important: Country registration

When you enter Fidal Servici's website and have clicked on "online entry form", you will be asked for your nation, before you can proceed. This is the nation of your National Masters Association - not your nation of residence (although the two can be the same). For instance, if you are a Swede residing in Norway, you should select Sweden. 


Entry Fees*

First Event (track and field except for combined events)  EUR 50
Each additional event EUR 25
Combined Events EUR 60
Accompanying persons EUR 20
Athletes' Party EUR 45


* In some countries you have to pay additional fee - please ask your national masters athletics association. This fee is NOT a fee to EMACS 2017 organizers, but is transferred directly to the national association.



I experience technical difficulties with the registration website. What do I do?

Please contact Fidal Servizi's helpdesk at this email: helpdesk@fidalservizi.it


I cannot register online, and wish to do it manually, since I do not have internet access. Is this possible?

The EMACS registration is only electronic, but for an extra handling fee of 25€ it can still be done:

1) Send us a request for manual registration. The request must include your name, contact information, nationality, the events you wish to enter and, if relevant,  how many accompanying persons you wish to register (20€ pr person), and how many tickets you wish to buy for the athlete's party (45€ pr person).

2) We will reply with a letter with information, a registration form and a list of required information, as well as a list of prices.

3) Fill out the registration form, pay the required price (bank transfer with your name) and send a letter with the registration form, bank receipt, as well as all the other required information to us.

4) We send a confimation of registration.


Before I select an event, the website already charges me x € / The website charges me x € more than the introduction states. Why?

In some countries you have to pay an additional fee, which is automatically added to your bill, when you register your country - please ask your national masters athletics association. This fee is NOT a fee to EMACS 2017 organizers, but is transferred directly to the national association.


In selecting my event, the form requests me to opt for either 'manual' or ' electronic'. What does this refer to?

If you have a regular result in the age group, you should enter whether it has been accomplished with manual timing or electronic timing. Depending on your selection, an information box appears. This box helps you how you should enter the seeding result. M=minuts, S= seconds, CC=1/100 seconds (if electronic timing) and D=1/10 seconds (if manual timing). For the longer races, the correct format is 0h00:00 or 00h:00:00.

If you do not have any seeding results, just fill the field with 0's instead.

When writing a result it is important you follow the given format (including punctuation). Otherwise it will not register correctly.  


What is the correct format for the 4k cross time?

The correct format is 0h00:00 or 00h:00:00.


What is the correct format for the half marathon time?

The correct format is 00hmm:ss

For example 01h32:29


What is an “accompanying person”, and why should I register said person?

An accompanying person will receive accreditation that will give access to the same areas and services that athletes (between competitions) have access to, including shuttlebuses between the two stadia and certain events. Additionally all registered accompanying persons will receive a welcome package, including the welcome booklet.

It should, however, be noted, that it is free for all spectators, registered or not, to watch the competitions. If, however, you wish to coach in the technical disciplines, you need an “accompanying person” accreditation to get close to the competition areas.

All accompanying persons need to register their own profile (or have one created on their behalf). At the registration website, instead of logging in or registering an athlete, just select "accompanying person" and click "new guest"


I have registered, but there is an X next to my name, when I look at the entry list. Why?

Your national masters federation haven't confirmed your elegibility yet. When they do, the x will be removed. How long it takes depends on your nationality, as the different federations have different procedures, but as long as you live up to your national requirements, there shouldn't be any problems.