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Non European / Out of competition

Please be advised, that EMACS 2017 is made for athletes from European member federations. But, you may apply for permission to participate “out-of-competition”.


As a non-European “out-of-competition” it is only possible to participate in the preliminary rounds in the various competitions - with no possibility of advancement. The only exceptions to this are at the road events (race walk and half marathon), where everybody competes at the same time, but even then, one cannot receive medals etc. 


In order to participate you need an official statement/accreditation from your national masters association that you are allowed to represent them at the event. Send this statement to us here at EMACS, along with 2-3 lines about your intention to participate.. The formal decision is taken by the EMA Technical Delegate, but we will handle the communication, when we receive the above stated from you.


Please wait to register in the system until after we confirm the EMA descicion.