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Local Transportation

City bikes

Everything in Aarhus, no matter if it is hotels, stadiums, main sights or restaurants, is within comfortable travelling distance of each other. Therefore, the city encourages visitors to use environmentally friendly city bicycles during their stay - free of charge (but with a deposit of 20 DKK). City bicycle rack are scattered at various places of social, educational or cultural significance throughout Aarhus, including at the two main EMACS venues, Ceres Park & Arena and Viby Athletics Stadium. For more information, please click here

City busses

Alternatively, one can also use the local network of busses. For time schedules and stops, see www.midttrafik.dk

Shuttle bus

A shuttle bus will run between Ceres Park & Arena and selected hotels and gathering points downtown Aarhus.

The expected stops are: “Scandic Vest”, “Musikhuset”(Raddisson Blu Scandinavia; Hotel Ritz, Aarhus City; Wakeup Aarhus), “Europaplads“ (First Hotel Atlantic; Cabbin), Ceres Park, Viby Stadium (Zleep Hotel, Aarhus),  “Marselis Hotel Aarhus”, “Skåde Skovvej” (Handelsfagskolens Kursuscenter, Skåde)

Shuttle busses between Ceres Park & Arena and Viby Stadium

Additionally, EMACS offers frequent shuttlebusses between the two main venues, Ceres Park & Arena and Viby Stadium. These busses will run multiple times every hour, during the stadia’s opening hours.

Car rental

Europcar is the official car rental partner of EMACS 2017. All participants can book and get discounts on car rental in connection with EMACS. Book directly online at www.europcar.com or reservations@europcar.dk using promotion code: 53 27 44 85
For further information contact reservations@europcar.dk


The main area for taxies is outside Aarhus Central Station. For a regular taxi there is a starting fee of 33-44 DKK depending on the time of the day, a fee of 7,81 DKK per kilometer and a fee of 370DKK per hour. The total amount due, will be a combination of the three. You can pay with cash (DKK) or credit card.

Aarhus Taxa: +45 89 48 48 48

Dantaxi: +45 86 16 47 00