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Welcome bag and accreditation card collection

Upon reaching Aarhus all participants are requested to report to the accreditation centre at the Ceres Park. A welcome kit with relevant information, accreditation card, competition numbers (bibs) etc. will be handed out to registered participants, press, volunteers and representatives of EMA-affiliates. The accreditation must be picked-up at the accreditation centre during hours of operation in sufficient time to make final confirmation in time.

Opening hours

·        July 26 14:00-21:00

·        July 27 07:00-21:00

·        July 28 – July 31 08:30-18:00

·        August 1 12:00-17:00

·        August 2 – August 6 08:30-18:00

Accreditation and registration:
Q: I cannot make it in time to register for my first event. Is it OK to let a team mate do it for me?

A: Yes, the most important thing is, that final confirmation is done in time (the day before – or before 9 am, if it starts after 12 noon the same day). If you do it on behalf of another person, you need to fill a form in accreditation center.


Final Confirmation

During EMACS the athletes must use their accreditation card to check in on one of the monitors in the main venue for final declaration. Deadline for the final declaration is:

•        For events starting before 12:00: The day prior to the event

•        For events starting after 12:00: Before 09:00 on the day of the event

NB. Please keep the written confirmation from the confirmation monitors at all times, as it works as documentation for the final declaration.

If an athlete has made a final declaration to take part in an event without showing up in call room, it will lead to disqualification (dns). If a valid medical reason exists, the competitor can withdraw from an event by filling out a form requested and handed in at the TIC. As alternative, the athlete may cancel the participation in a single event directly on the final comfirmation monitors within the deadline for final confirmation (see above).

If disqualified from an event because of no show without a medical reason, the athlete will be excluded from all further events during EMACS 2017.