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Welcome Booklet - Competitors Handbook

Date: 07/07/2017

In 20 days our venues in Aarhus will be busy with EMACS-athletes competing. We are really excited, and look forward to see you all.


We now have some further info to all of you.

First of all we have made a welcome booklet for everyone. When you arrive to Aarhus, you will receive it in a printed version during accreditation, but already now, you can prepare your stay by reading the web version:

https://issuu.com/e-sider/docs/welcome_guide (or download it as PDF - click here 7,9mb)

  • In here you find all the practical info etc. you may need. It will also be published on this web page
  • The time table is available in the appendix. Few changes may occur – please keep updated - click here


Furthermore, we have a few important things to notice:


Get all the latest info to all participants – sign in, that you participate on our Facebook-group: https://www.facebook.com/events/307063153056986  


See you in Aarhus,