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Technical clarifications regarding registration, accreditation, time table etc. at EMACS 2017

Date: 06/07/2017

After all registrations have been settled, and time table and practical info are published, we have experienced some questions which coming from several people. We will here try to answer the most common questions:


Accreditation and registration:
Q: I cannot make it in time to register for my first event. Is it OK to let a team mate do it for me?

A: Yes, the most important thing is, that final confirmation is done in time (the day before – or before 9 am, if it starts after 12 noon the same day). If you do it on behalf of another person, you need to fill a form in accreditation center. More info on open hours etc. - click here.


Competition progression:
Q: How is the rules in the running events?
A: Please see this table - click here. Also note, if there is too few people to do the heats, there will be direct finals at the time where finals are announced.

Q: In some of the technical events and multi events, there are more than 20 participants. Will there be qualification groups?
A: No, all technical events will be done in one group. The best 8 will get 3 extra attempts right away (not in decathlon, heptathlon and throwing pentathlon).

Q: How long time do an athlete have, in order to perform his attempt in technical events?
A: We follow the IAAF rule 180, which means max 60 sec. if there are 3 athletes or more in the competition.


Time Schedule:
Q: There is some changes in the time table compared to the daily schedule in men's pole vault (M 80 +) and men's shot put (M 70 +)?
A: We had no intention to change any days between daily schedule and time table. Unfortunately, there was some typing errors in one of the graphics used at the web page concerning the daily schedule, so for the above stated disciplines, we have people who have competitions on other days than they expected.

We are VERY SORRY for this inconvenience, but cannot change it back. We hope that all can make it on the right day. If not, they can contact the organizers (info@emacs2017.com) to get a refund.

Q: What if there will come delays during a decathlon, heptathlon or throwing pentathlon?
A: We have a group leader in all groups, who are responsible for adjusting the time table during the day. All have to report in call room in the morning before first event. After this, they only need to follow their group leader.

See the final time table - click here.

Aarhus July 6th 2017