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Date: 31/08/2017

EMACS 2017 has now been concluded. Everything has been cleaned up, the fields are back to normal and the office is slowly emptying and closing down. 

Now that things has slowed down and the time of EMACS 2017 is coming to an end, we just want to take the time to say thank you to everybody.

We have received positive feedback from a ton of people. A lot of nice pictures were taken and many great memories were made. It was 11 fantastic days of championships with a great atmosphere, exciting competitions and happy faces everywhere despite of all the rain. Some new records were set and more than 600 sets of medals were handed out. You all helped keep up a good spirit and atmosphere and all in all EMACS 2017 was a great success, thanks to everybody involved. 

See a list of new international records set in Aarhus: http://www.fidalservizi.it/risultati/2017/AArhus_2017/New_Records.html


Remember - You are never too old to be a part of something bigger.


Thank you!


Kind Regards,

The EMACS 2017 staff