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Aarhus Half Marathon 6. august 2017

Date: 08/08/2016

The days are passing by and in exactly a year from now, the competing athletes will relax after an EMACS and Half Marathon that hopefully will provide them with memorable achievements and many new records. This also means that we now have less than a year until the Half Marathon of EMACS 2017 starts on the 6th August 2017. As many of you already know, it has been decided that from 2017 and onwards, the road running event during EMACS is to be a half marathon instead of a full marathon.


Alongside the introduction of this half marathon, we have further decided to do a public mass run on the EMACS Half Marathon route. This will be the perfect opportunity to bring your spouse, family and friends to EMACS, so that they too can run the half marathon named Aarhus Half – even if they aren’t 35 years old yet.


The route will be big enough for 10,000 runners who will compete with one another in beautiful architectural and natural surroundings within the central part of Aarhus. We have made sure that both the contestants and the spectators enjoy a varied route that contains several hot-spots, and that has its Finish line placed at a location offering a wonderful vista of the Aarhus Bay.


The registration for the “non-championship runners” is already open. You can find it on https://billetto.dk/da/aarhalf, and all detailed information regarding the half marathon for “non-championship runners” will be made available in English on www.aarhushalf.dk/en within short time.


Let’s all meet on the roads going through Aarhus, August 6th 2017!