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A vibrant mix of youthful energy and a blast from the past makes Aarhus a city with an energetic beat of the pulse. In Aarhus, when we say walking distance, we really do mean walking distance. From here, beach, harbor and forest are all within reach of a 15-minute bike ride.

Denmark’s second city has a thriving art, culture and food scene that is set to expand through 2017, where Aarhus is European Capital of Culture. New development along our industrial coastline — including Dokk1, a cultural center and the largest public library in Scandinavia — as well as a light rail expected to open by late summer, is transforming Aarhus into an even more accessible cultural capital. Other highlights are ARoS, the gallery known for its “Your Rainbow Panorama” floor with a kaleidoscopic view of the city; the Moesgaard Museum, dedicated to cultural history; a concert hall, home to the Danish National Opera; the “Iceberg,” a striking residential building on the water; “Den Gamle By” (“The Old Town”), which is a unique international attraction, and three Michelin-starred restaurants.

Additionally, Aarhus has been selected as shopping city number one in Scandinavia and in 2016 Lonely Planet puts Aarhus at the top of the list of Europe’s hottest destinations.

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For more information about attractions and events in Aarhus, you can visit:

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Aarhus Ø - Aarhus East

Don't miss the new Aarhus Ø city quarter, an area full of vibrancy and activity. Aarhus Ø is a brand new quarter which has been constructed by the expansion of the harbour area close to the city centre.

The new part of town is well under way and is now a charming mosaic separated by canals. From the downtown cafés there is only a few minutes’ walk to the south facing ledges in front of the educational campus, Navitas, where you can dip your toes in the cool sea water.

One of the most distinctive structures is the Iceberg by the Aarhus Ø waterfront.

ARoS - Aarhus Art Museum

ARoS is the main art museum in Aarhus and one of the largest museums in Northern Europe. On the roof of ARoS you can also visit Your rainbow panorama from here you can move around in a 150 meter long, circular panoramic path with 360º views of the surrounding city.
At the lower levels of the museum you can enjoy the major special exhibitions, with the 'nine rooms' presenting international art installations. The upper floors house the museum's own collections of art from the 19th century up to the present day.

Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum 

”Den Gamle By” is a National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture. The attraction has been awarded three Michelin stars and has welcomed more than 3 million visitors over the course of the last 10 years. It is a living and breathing experience of what it was like to live and work in a Danish market town, as it was in the old days.

Here you can meet the people and characters of the past, experience life as it was in their living rooms and kitchens; and smell the flowers right in their own gardens. Try out old games for children or go on an exploration through-out the museum´s extensive collections and exhibitions. Pat the horses and watch out for the geese. Have a pint in the Beer Cellar and enjoy a cup of coffee and a cake in the tea garden.

You can also visit the historical shops and taste the cakes baked with recipes from 1885. The many characters of yesteryear's market towns will tell you about their life whether rich or poor, old or young.

Moesgaard Museum

Prehistory presented innovatively in a breathtaking architectural setting makes for a world-class museum experience when you visit the Moesgaard Museum - also due to its location in the beautiful natural surroundings south of Aarhus, overlooking the woods and sea. The past becomes alive and the people in the exhibits will step forward and provide the visitors with a better understanding of the past and how we arrived at where we are in the present. 

Shopping in Aarhus

You only need to stroll through Aarhus to feel the special atmosphere and to see people with stuffed shopping bags before you understand why Aarhus has been named the best shopping city in Northern Europe.

Everything your heart could desire you will find in Aarhus. Design, fashion, life-style and trend-setting – these are just some of the words which describe the wealth of great shopping experiences awaiting you in the best shopping centre in Denmark.