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Photographers working together with acceditated media personel, should follow the procedures under "Accreditation".


Amateur photographers and other interested parties can receive accreditation, gain access to otherwise restricted areas and get acces to shuttle busses etc. at EMACS 2017, by registering as an "accompanying person" and pay a fee of 20€. This is done at Fidal Servizis website.

Please note, that in order to be allowed access to the infield, you need to borrow a special "media vest", which has to be worn at all times working at the competition site as a photographer.

At arrival to the accreditation centre at EMACS 2017, you should contact the competition info centre in order to get further instructions.


Click here to begin the registraion procedure. Select "Accompanying person", press "New guest" and follow the instructions.


We encourage all photographers to let us now, when and where the photos will be published.