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Race Walk

At EMACS 2017, we would like to make sure that our guests remember the things they experience while staying in Aarhus – and the Race Walk route will definitely be a memorable experience for the contestants!


The route will start and finish in front of the main entrance to Ceres Park & Arena – the main official venue of EMACS 2017. This means that the entire route will be interconnected with the other interesting events taking place at the stadium, thus offering both the race walkers, judges and the spectators the chance to experience these, after the race walk of course. It is at the same stadium that the Race Walk – Track takes place. Ceres Park & Arena is a top modern stadium and it has all the facilities needed in order to organize a big event as this.


The route on the road is an attractive route in both its race walking aspect and in its natural surroundings. You will go through a route that is darkened by big and beautiful trees, and considering that the race walks take place during the typically warmest period in Denmark, we are certain that the shadows will benefit your stamina. We will of course provide the facilities necessary to ease the experience for race walkers and audience alike, as there will be a food stall, toilets and water depots every two kilometers.

To see the route - click here


The Race Walk - Track (5.000m) takes place Monday 31st July 2017 while the start signal for the Race Walk – Road (Women 10K, Men 20K) will sound on Thursday 3rd August 2017. Both events are open for all of the official EMA age groups, and for both men and women.

On the the road walk we will have ateam competition as well. More info reg. the rules for team scoring - click here.


We look forward to seeing you in Aarhus next summer!