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Aarhus Half Marathon

When the city of Aarhus in 2017 hosts the European Masters Athletics Championship Stadia (EMACS), the great sport event will finish off on August 6 with a festival of a running event aimed at both the EMACS contestants and anyone else who is fond of running.


Aarhus 1900 and EMACS are inviting everyone to AARHUS HALF MARATHON – a unique race that the best runners in Europe compete in. The city of Aarhus expects to receive around 7,000 foreign visitors during the time of the Championships from 27 July to 6 August. And it is on the last day of this event that the European Champions in Half Marathon are to be found. Thus, when we seal off the city because of the Half Marathon, our aim is to encourage each and everyone of us to join in on this running spectacle in the heart of Aarhus.


Using the World Championships held in Copenhagen in 2014 as inspiration, the race on August 6, 2017 will be an exceptional and exciting running event with room for 10,000 runners on the starting point in front of Ceres Park. With our remarkable route going through Aarhus’ city centre, the international and Danish runners will experience the best which Aarhus has to show. They will take an exciting and fast run through Aarhus where we celebrate the city’s naming of European Capital of Culture 2017 with a “signature-run” that includes everything that Aarhus stands for: modernity, internationally-recognised cultural life, beautiful surroundings, and open-mindedness.


After a breathtaking route going through the streets of Aarhus, the finish line will be reached in front of Ceres Park again! (To see the route - click here)


We expect many local runners participating in the race, and thus contribute in making it a unique running event – both for the local runners and for the competitors coming from over 40 European nations to see the city in connection with EMACS. This will result in a fantastic event with an international touch that will be instrumental in creating a colourful and different race.



EMACS runners: Register through the normal registration procedure for athletics events at EMACS 2017. Click here, to begin your registration.


Everyone else: If you are NOT participating as an EMACS athlete, you should register for the event at this website (scroll down for information in English): https://billetto.dk/aarhalf