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General Technical Information

EMACS 2017 will be conducted in  accordance with the technical rules of IAAF except as modified by the WMA Constitution,  By‐Laws and/or  Rules of Competition. 

For the full WMA Constitution, click here



Poles for pole vault is an individual implement, so you need to bring your own. In case you dont have one, or transportation is an issue, you may rent poles at EMACS 2017. Terms, conditions and prices will be published at a later time. For more information, click here.

Transportation of poles for pole vault will be available from Aarhus Airport (Tirstrup), for free, once a day during the championships. 


Throwing implements will be provided at the competition. Athletes may use their own throwing implements, provided their equipment follow the guidelines (see below for specifications), and pass the implement control. It should be noted, that any other competitor in the owner's specific throwing competition may use that equipment instead of their own, or the equipment provided by EMACS. 


Hurdles and Implements Specifications

Click here for Hurdles and Implements Specifications


Scoring of Combined Events

Click here for the current rules regarding Scoring of Combined Events


Technical Regulations - Running Events

Advancement Procedures 100-1500 meters

Click here for an overview of the current standard advancement procedures.

For longer races, and other deviations to the standard rules, please read the relevant sections below.


Viby Stadion

Advancement procedures for events at Viby Stadion will be adjusted according to IAAF rules, the specific race and the physical layout of the tracks (5 tracks instead of the usual 8). Hence, all mentioned procedures should only be considered authoritative, if not otherwise informed.


Track Race 1500+ meters / 5.000 meter Race Walk

Track races longer than 1.500 meters, as well as the 5.000 meter race walk, will, according to IAAF and WMA rules, be executed using ABC timed heats. Thus, the medal table and final placing will be decided based on the athlete‘s time relative to all other athletes participating in the event, not his/her placement in the individual heat.


Race Walk

To be announced.

For more information about the Race Walk - click here


Relay (4 x 100 m, 4 x 400 m)

Registration for relay competitions cannot be done online. This has to be done at the TIC during the championships. A fee of 20€ pr. relay team must be paid, in cash, at the time of registration.


Half Marathon

In order to improve the experience of the participants, as well as making the event more inclusive, the half marathon at EMACS 2017 will be a larger event than usual, and will consist of both EMACS, elite and amateur athletes. Furthermore, it will be possible to compete as both individual athletes, as well as part of a team.

For more information about the Half Marathon - click here


Team events (Half Marathon and Race Walk on roads)

In each event a team ranking will be issued by addition of the time of the three best athletes of the team.

There are 2 kinds of teams at EMACS 2017:


1) Natural Team

- 3 athletes from the same country in the same age group;

- No information from the Team Manager to the TIC is needed before the race.


2) Composed Team

- 3 athletes from the same country but from different age group competing in the same race;

- This team competes in the lower age group of one of the athletes;

- Composed Team is not allowed if a natural team is possible in one of the concerned age group;

- Team Manager has to inform the TIC about the name of the athletes;

- These athletes will compete in their own age group for individual ranking.

It should be noted, that an athlete may only compete once in a given discipline – regardless of age group.


Change of schedules

All schedules are subject to change - but will not be changed unless it is deemed necessary. All changes will be made public as soon as possible. 

In case of a low amount of entries in a specific competition, preliminaries might be cancelled, and the athletes qualify straight to the final - the time and place of the final will remain the same.


Safety Judges

Ultimately an athletes health is his/her own responsibility. However, as per the rules of EMA/EVAACS,  Safety Judges will be present at EMACS 2017, in order to reduce the risk that an athlete, due to health and/or technical reasons, endanger him/herself or others during the events, or being unable to live up to the minimum entrance requirements of the event. If they deem an athlete unfit to participate, they have full discretion to warn or disqualify said athlete.


Safety Judges work with a yellow and a red card. Two yellow cards must be shown, before the red indicates the disqualification. Examples for yellow cards:

- for showing inability to finish a competition;

- for looking exhausted and unable to continue in a healthy manner;

- for obstructing another competitor.

In case of a serious dangerous situation (technical and medical aspect), the Safety Judge has to take out the red card at once to indicate a disqualification of a competitor to save the competitor and other athletes. The competitor who received the red card has to stop the competition immediately and has to leave the competition area. Leaving the area, the competitor must not hinder another competitor who is trying to finish the event. If the disqualified athlete is abusing or attacking the Safety Judge, the athlete can be dispended from all the other competition he/she is registered for. The incident will be reported to the national federation. These Safety Judges will be recognized by armbands or vests.